Solar Panels and Other Options to Keep Your Energy Bill Low


The solar panels on this Colorado home are one of the many options for keeping your energy bill panels on colorado home 2

Home in Colorado with Energy Saving Solar Panels (

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The following summary is a review from an article posted in Breaking Energy

Title: Solar, Wind, Hydropower: Home Renewable Energy Installations

Written by: Erin R Pierce | U.S. Department of Energy

Date Published: April 9, 2015

Source: Breaking Energy



Do you want to save energy at home? There are a variety of options that are low cost and even no cost for keeping your energy bill as low as possible. So if you have already performed energy audits, installed programmable thermostats, and already sealed air leaks than it may be time for you to look at a new clean air energy saving option — solar panels.

Prices for solar panels have fallen dramatically. (you may even be able to get them for free) If you’ve made your home as energy-efficient as possible and are looking for new opportunities to reduce your energy consumption, it may be a good time to go solar. With advancements in technology and the expansion of the solar industry, prices for solar panels have fallen dramatically. Innovative new solar financing models – including options to lease solar panels are also increasingly viable options.

Ready to weigh your solar options? We have several guides to get you started:

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MIT Investigating Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar Panels on Your Roof?

Turning Houses into Power PlantsSolar Image Cambridge Mass

That’s the questioned asked and answered in an article written in

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MIT investigators are researching how to turn houses into little power plants in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Article Title: Could Solar Panels on Your Roof Power Your Home?

Written by: James Holloway

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Link to Article:

Date Published: March 2013


What is the biggest obstacle to the acceptance of solar power? Simple, will it save the homeowner money? So some cities have created online solar maps that help estimate how much money they would save installing solar panels.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT as developed a tool that can provide estimates that are within 4 to 10 percent of measurements that match real world conditions.

The topographical map of the city is based on about 1,000,000 different data points. The data makes it so that researchers can account for roof shapes and even trees nearby, as well as buildings that make shade or reflect sunlight.

MIT researchers even accounted for weather conditions because solar panels also absorb diffuse light from across the sky. So they took historical weather data to include in their model which can account for sky conditions for every hour of the day over a typical year.

How does this product collect all this data? It uses Google Maps and satellite imagery for an online map of 17,000 rooftops. This tool can indicate the fitness of solar panels for every 25 square feet of roof. By typing in an address homeowners can receive more detailed data. It can offer optimal roof space for solar panels. It can estimate actual cost of installation along with federal and state tax credits. It can estimate an annual savings. It will even compare the savings with other investments like gold. In addition, this tool will show how much reduction in annual carbon emissions.

Still in the prototype phase right now, MIT says it will work with other cities when this project is complete.

The final goal is to help people capture every feasible kilowatt, according to Eduardo Berlin.

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Should You Install Solar Panels on Your Home? as Reported by CNBC

Should you install solar panels on your home? (via CNBC)

Solar Panels CNBC Video Report

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This video is an interview with Solar City representative explaining the benefits of adding solar panels to you home, how you will save money on your electric bill, and the different options available for homeowners to obtain and install new solar panels.

Video Title: Should You Install Solar Panels on Your Home?

Video Source: CNBC

Date Reported: Monday, October 6, 2014

Video Link:

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How to get solar panels for free as reported in this video.


Solar Energy Panels Video Testimonial

Mesa, Arizona Solar Power Panel Installation and Testimony.

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This video testimonial takes you step by step to show you how a newly installed solar panel system is literally saving this Mesa, Arizona home owner money, how his overall electricity is being reduced and how he expects to receive extra savings in the form of cash back at the end of the year.

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Solar Energy Panels for Your Home Consumer Guide – A Review

Solar Panels Consumer GuideSolar Energy Panels for Your Home – A Consumer’s Guide

This review outlines the advantages of owning your own solar energy panels.

You can read the whole guide at Own Your Power, A Consumer Guide to Solar Electricity for Your Home.

This guide has been prepared by the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers understand the benefits of solar electricity, know the basics, pick a solar system that suits their needs, and what the potential costs may be.

Table of Contents to Consumer Guide for Solar Panels for Your Home

  1. Benefits of Solar Electricity
  2. Solar Electricity Basics
  3. How to Choose a Solar System
  4. Cost and Financial Incentives

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Quick Summary to the Consumer Guide for Solar Panels for Your Home:

The Benefits of Solar Energy Panels for Your Home

The benefits of solar energy panels for your home can be summarized easily in four simple points.

  • Excellent savings on your electric bill
  • Improving the appraised value for your home
  • Experiencing power that is clean, free, and reliable
  • Contributing to our economies health by creating jobs and new solar companies

Solar Panels produce electricity by changing sunlight to power. This is called the photovoltaic effect. Today solar cells power all kinds of things including calculators, highway signs, all types of commercial buildings, power plants, even space satellites.

A solar energy electric system can offset as much as 25% to 50% of a homeowners’ electric power.

There Are 3 Types of Solar Energy Panels for Your Home

Three Types of Solar Panels are available today.

  • Silicon Solar Panels – best performing solar panels in low light conditions
  • Thin-Film Solar Panels –  ideal as building-integrated solar products such as solar shingles and tiles
  • Future Solar Panels – most are not yet available to homeowners

The most common versions of solar electric panel systems are called grid-connected systems, grid-connected with battery backup, and stand-alone or off-grid systems. The components and applications are different for each one.

Solar panels are rated. Vendors can sell up to 2- to 3-kilowatt package systems and can estimate how much energy will be offset.

The ratings for solar panels are rated by watts. These ratings are based how much power they can produce under ideal sun and temperature conditions. These ratings can help you determine the number of panels you would need to measure your electricity needs and fulfill them. One other thing that determines the number of panels you might need are dependent on roof tilt and orientation.

How to Choose a Solar Panel System for Your Home

The sunlight your home receives is more important than the temperature. Some experts say that solar panels for your home actually work better in colder climates.

The right choice for solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight your home receives, what you have to spend, the conventional power you wish to offset with solar energy, the amount of room you have on your roof or yard, and where you intend to mount your solar panels.

What are the Roof Requirements for Solar Panels for Your Home
  1. Space and orientation – needs about 100 square feet of unshaded south-facing roof or yard space, Roof tilt is also important to capture the path of the sun
  2. Roof condition – Make sure the roof can hold the weight of the system, which is estimated at 3 to 5 pounds per square foot
  3. Shading of the panels – consult a solar professional who uses a software program that can estimate site shading – Click Here to contact a solar professional
  4. Ground Mounted Systems – Ground-mounted systems are great for homes with large yards. Some systems come mounted on a tracker that follows the sun’s movement.
10 Questions To Ask Your Solar Consultant:
  • What are your certifications and experience?
  • Length of time you’ve been in business?
  • Are you familiar and up-to-date with zoning codes and electrical requirements?
  • Do you use certified installers?
  • Do you handle paperwork so I don’t have to?
  • What kind of maintenance do you offer?
  • What solar trade organizations are you a memeber of, such as the Solar Energy Industries Association?
  • Do you warranty your products and services?
  • Do you a variety of payment options?
  • Are packaged systems offered by you?
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Report: Solar Power Saves this Texas Town’s Electric Cost

KFOXTV Report On Solar Panels
KFOXTV Report On Solar Panels

Title: Solar Power Saves Electric Costs for Borderland Homeowners

Posted by Steve Ford Review Blogger

Source: KFoxTV El Paso, TX

Reporter: Stacey Welsh

Link: Click to investigate report


Homeowners in El Paso, Texas are saving power on their electric bill using solar power according to KFOXTV. They report that about 170 homes have been built with Solar Panels already included on the rooftops.

After seeing the savings on their electric bill, one woman that lives nearby is considering to move so she can take advantage of the electric bill savings.

The developer of the property includes the price of solar panels in the mortgage for the home.

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The Solar Panels are a standard feature being offered by this builder according to KFOX.

Other benefits being offered with the solar panels include a 15 year warranty covering the solar panels for any necessary repairs.

In addition, homeowners should be able to take advantage of available tax breaks reducing the real cost of solar panel ownership.

Hook up is through El Paso Electric which offers the panels for lease and recommends when investigating that all costs, such as fixed cost or escalation fees be considered.

El Paso Electric also reports that a Solar Energy Center is already in place to serve another 4,000 homes in Northeast El Paso. It believes the solar power generated could save people more money.

El Paso Electric recognizes that solar technology is becoming more wide spread across the nation and as the technology matures battery storage will provide more storage opportunities but it’s still early in the process.

The builder estimates it will build another 300 homes with solar power included this next year and states that 2015 is going to be all solar.

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Solar Articles: Would Solar Panels Make Financial Sense for Your Home?

Solar Panels For Your Home 001Title: Would Solar Panels Make Financial Sense for Your Home?

Posted by Steve Ford Review Blogger

Source: The Post and Courier

Author: David Slade

Link: Click to Read Article


This article attempts to answer the question of whether using Solar Panels on your roof can be cost effective. Since the author is based in South Carolina his assumptions are base on state law and experience.

You should be aware that Solar Energy savings can be different in different states. Right now there is one company in Nevada that is offering Free Solar Panels and Installation and they offer a Free Consultation to analyze your current Electric Bill and how many solar panels that can be put on your roof to catch the maximum amount of sunlight. In addition to Nevada Solar City operates in the following states; Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C.

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